TIL how to create Azure Prometheus datasources with Ansible

Since I spent some time today on this, I’d rather write it down. Creating a Prometheus datasource that uses Azure Authentication was not straight forward.

Here’s the end result:

- name: Create a datasource in Grafana
  hosts: localhost
  gather_facts: false
    - name: Create prometheus datasource
        name …
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TIL different ways to clone multiple git repos at once

As someone who frequently works with both GitHub and GitLab repositories, I often find the need to get an overview of various projects that exist within an organization or group. At my workplace, we use GitLab’s group- and subgroup functionality to organize our team-specific and customer-specific structures.

Recently, I …

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TIL that you can use asterisks in systemctl status

I wanted to check if some services where running on a machine. The names of the services all start with integration@, e.g. integration@foobar.

So to check for all the services, I simply ran systemctl status integration@* and it worked:

● integration@identity.service - integration App identity
   Loaded: loaded (/etc …
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