New blog powered by pelican

I changed my blogging platform from Wordpress to Pelican. Pelican is a static html generator written in Python. I also changed the whole design. It’s a bootstrap-theme with some little modifications.

The reason I changed from Wordpress is the effort to maintain a secure and up-to-date installation opposed to …

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Python script to check last exec time and exit code of script

I needed a script that checks:

  • whether a cronjob ran at its determined date (that means it runs regularly)
  • if the cronjob ran successfully

It should also be monitor-able via Nagios. That means, it should provide a meaningful output for when something went wrong with the cronjob, e.g. “CRITICAL: cronjob did not run!”

Of course, someone already had the same requirements and built a Perl-script for it, which in turn can be used as a NRPE-plugin.

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Python Backup Script with rsync

UPDATE: I rewrote the whole script. You can find it here!

I wanted to get into Python recently and to have a reason to actually learn the language, I thought to myself, why not replace the bash-scripts I use on my private computer. I started with my backup script, that saves my home-folder to my external usb-drive.

With this article I’ll describe what I did and why. I’ll have some thoughts in my mind on what the script should do. You’ll see these below. Afterwards I’ll show how I accomplished these things.

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MAC Spoofing under Linux

The announcement of the recent attacks on Tor-users that exploit a Firefox vulnerability in Javascript suggested some things to remain anonymous whilst using Tor, such as disabling JavaScript, using the most recent versions of Firefox, install firewalls and so on. One interesting measure named was to often change your MAC address so there’s one less vector to identify you and your surfing behavior.

I thought to myself, why only use it with tor, why not always? There’s no reason not to do it. The term we’re looking for here is called MAC spoofing. There’s a short but interesting paper discussing this topic. Be sure to read it.

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