I purchased nearly all Humble Indie Bundles from the HumbleBundle-guys. I also do not want to manually download and install the games from the site, because after all, I use Linux and a decent package-manager, pacman. Luckily, there’s the AUR and the hib-dlagent, which lets me install and update games via pacman. humble-bundle-logo

The hib-dlagent is a “Tool to download Humble Indie Bundle binaries by file name”. It is integrated with the package build utility makepkg, “a script to automate the building of packages”. Makepkg is used to download and install packages from the AUR.

To install the hib-dlagent, enter the following in your favorite shell:

pakku -S hib-dlagent-git

Then you have to edit the makepgk.conf (/etc/makepkg.conf) so when installing games from the AUR, the hib-dlagent is used. Append the following to the “DLAGENTS”-section:

'hib::/usr/bin/hib-dlagent -u $YOUREMAIL -p $YOURPASSWORD -o %o %u'

Insert your email-address and password you use for logging in to the HumbleBundle-site. In the end, the section should look like this:

#-- The download utilities that makepkg should use to acquire sources
#  Format: 'protocol::agent'
DLAGENTS=('ftp::/usr/bin/curl -fC - --ftp-pasv --retry 3 --retry-delay 3 -o %o %u'
      'http::/usr/bin/curl -fLC - --retry 3 --retry-delay 3 -o %o %u'
      'https::/usr/bin/curl -fLC - --retry 3 --retry-delay 3 -o %o %u'
      'rsync::/usr/bin/rsync --no-motd -z %u %o'
      'scp::/usr/bin/scp -C %u %o'
      'hib::/usr/bin/hib-dlagent -u $YOUREMAIL -p $YOURPASSWORD -o %o $(echo %u | cut -c 7-)')

When you’re done, you can install games from the AUR as usual, for example to install the very good FTL, use:

pakku -S ftl

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