The nginx http_limit_conn module to limit http connections works as advertised. It limits the number of connections an ip-address (or other directives) can make to the nginx.

Also: the Ansible hardening-role for nginx as a default limit of 5 connections (see).

This bit me hard: One website I host makes concurrent connections to two APIs and a static frontend-webserver to fetch contents. This was a small debugging nightmare because these three applications did not log anything.

That’s because the requests never made it to them. They got blocked with a 503 error in the reverseproxy.

As I located the problem on the reverseproxy, the error logs made it obvious:

2021/06/25 13:44:58 [error] 1822158#0: *2105549 limiting connections by zone "default", client: server:, request: "GET /core/modules/views/js/base.js?v=8.9.13 HT
TP/2.0", host: ""

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