When I wanted to inspect Docker-Container that existed in a remote Docker-registry, I normally used skopeo:

skopeo inspect docker://ubuntu:latest
    "Name": "docker.io/library/ubuntu",
    "Digest": "sha256:9a0bdde4188b896a372804be2384015e90e3f84906b750c1a53539b585fbbe7f",
    "RepoTags": [

This command show me all the information about the image that I needed to know - tags, architecture and other things. It also showed me in an simple way if I could access the registry at all.

TIL that the docker-cli has an experimental feature called docker manifest. The docker manifest feature does basically the same, albeit a bit slower:

> docker manifest inspect ubuntu:latest
   "schemaVersion": 2,
   "mediaType": "application/vnd.oci.image.index.v1+json",
   "manifests": [
         "mediaType": "application/vnd.oci.image.manifest.v1+json",
         "size": 424,
         "digest": "sha256:c985bc3f77946b8e92c9a3648c6f31751a7dd972e06604785e47303f4ad47c4c",
         "platform": {
            "architecture": "amd64",
            "os": "linux"

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