Plex does not play movies anymore

I use Plex to manage and view all my movies, tv shows and music located at my personal home storage system. It consists of two programs:

  • the Plex Media Server running on my server
  • the Android app running on my Android TV box, connected to my tv in the living room.

This normally works really well. But one evening when my girlfriend and I wanted to watch a movie, it suddenly didn’t want to start.

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Manage linux servers from a Windows workstation

EDIT: This article was first posted in 2016. As of 2019 I still have to use Windows at work, but now I just use WSL with wsltty.

At work I have to use Windows as operating system on my workstation, even though I manage almost only linux servers. There are dozens of ways to connect from Windows via SSH to a linux server and I will tell you my way.

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Testing Ansible roles

We - at the - create Ansible (and Puppet and Chef) roles that harden the security of our Linux-servers. They are meant to be used in production so we try to provide these roles to several different operating systems, including Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat and its derivates.

Manually testing the roles on many different systems is a very time-consuming task: You’ll have to set up a virtual machine, update it, install Ansible, run the playbook, fix an error, rinse and repeat. If you want to do this on many different operating systems, doing it manually is impossible.

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