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Wed 21 February 2024
Interesting Uses of Ansible’s ternary filter
Mon 11 December 2023
TIL how to create Files and Commits via the Github-API and Github-CLI
Mon 02 October 2023
How I teach Ansible to my colleagues: A hands-on training session.
Mon 02 October 2023
TIL how to create Azure Prometheus datasources with Ansible
Sun 26 March 2023
DevOps workflows and reliable automation
Wed 22 March 2023
TIL different ways to clone multiple git repos at once
Tue 21 March 2023
TIL that you can use asterisks in systemctl status
Fri 10 March 2023
TIL how to archive all projects in a Gitlab group
Tue 28 February 2023
TIL how to view the history of a file with git
Mon 27 February 2023
TIL you can inspect Docker-Container now with the docker-cli
Thu 19 January 2023
TIL how to work with Gitlab-CI’s Pull Policy
Sun 03 July 2022
Dockercontainer won’t start - Getting the final child’s pid from pipe caused “EOF
Mon 27 June 2022
TIL how to find fresh forks of abandoned repositories
Mon 09 May 2022
TIL how to mass-unsubscribe from Github notifications
Wed 15 December 2021
TIL how to create Github repos with Github
Fri 22 October 2021
TIL how to use Ansible-inventory for native ssh-connections
Tue 31 August 2021
TIL how to upload files to Gitlab snippets from the CLI
Tue 31 August 2021
TIL how to get a plaintext list of Ansible hosts
Fri 23 July 2021
TIL that Docker plugins need exec perms on the filesystem
Thu 01 July 2021
TIL how to alter gitlab-ci include-directives
Fri 25 June 2021
TIL that nginx http_limit_conn module can wreak havoc to your website
Thu 24 June 2021
TIL there’s a limit on Gitlabs job output
Mon 21 June 2021
TIL how to ship an executable with Poetry
Fri 28 May 2021
TIL that there is a else-clause in a Python for-loop
Tue 25 May 2021
TIL that sometimes you need to pass a header to nginx’s gprc module
Tue 18 May 2021
TIL that Hetzner offers a free DNS service
Mon 17 May 2021
TIL that creating Markdown from HTML is hard
Tue 11 May 2021
Manual RDS Backups save the day
Thu 06 May 2021
TIL that you can pass variables to Ansible’s import_playbook module
Tue 04 May 2021
TIL that you should load Matomo asynchronously
Mon 03 May 2021
TIL There are public clouds that still offer Redis 3
Mon 05 October 2020
📌 My other ramblings on the world wide web
Tue 29 September 2020
Recovering after a root-partition resize gone wrong
Sun 07 June 2020
Debugging issues with libcurl and publickey authentication
Sat 28 September 2019
Constructing Ansible variables with the vars-lookup plugin
Thu 08 August 2019
On getting feedback from your users
Thu 08 August 2019
Advanced usage of yum-config-manager with setopts
Sat 28 January 2017
Plex does not play movies anymore
Fri 22 April 2016
Manage linux servers from a Windows workstation
Sat 05 March 2016
Testing multiple Ansible versions on Travis
Tue 05 January 2016
Testing Ansible roles
Mon 27 July 2015
Firewalld blocking snmp and fixing it (with Ansible)
Sat 21 March 2015
Repairing a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard
Tue 06 January 2015
Enabling Autostart of VirtualBox-VMs on FreeNAS
Sun 14 December 2014
Installing and configuring the Freenas Syncthing-plugin
Wed 19 November 2014
Deploying lighttpd, your flask-apps, gunicorn and supervisor with Ansible on CentOS
Wed 17 September 2014
Integrating SABnzbd with Freenas, Couchpotato, Sickbeard and Headphones
Mon 15 September 2014
Install Headphones and a Musicbrainz-server in your Freenas
Thu 24 July 2014
Shrinking the (LVM) log-partition on Linux
Sun 11 May 2014
Serving static content (and comments!) with Pelican
Sat 10 May 2014
Freenas mit Transmission und Couchpotato/Sick(-Beard, -Rage) als DLNA-Server
Tue 15 April 2014
HumbleBundle Downloadagent (hib-dlagent) on Arch Linux
Tue 25 February 2014
Changing the tt-rss database from MySQL to Postgresql
Sat 25 January 2014
Python backup script revisited
Wed 22 January 2014
New blog powered by pelican
Fri 20 December 2013
Python script to check last exec time and exit code of script
Fri 22 November 2013
Freenas with Transmission and Couchpotato/Sick(-Beard, -Rage) as a DLNA-Server
Sun 03 November 2013
Tiny Tiny RSS on CentOS with nginx and MYSQL
Wed 02 October 2013
Nice to have: YoutubeCenter
Sun 29 September 2013
Python Backup Script with rsync
Tue 03 September 2013
My conky setup
Wed 07 August 2013
MAC Spoofing under Linux
Wed 26 June 2013
Using nginx with Google’s spdy and pagespeed to test website-speed
Tue 21 May 2013
Securing your server with fail2ban and a proper SSH-configuration
Fri 03 May 2013
Distro Picker: Chooses your Linux-Distribution
Fri 26 April 2013
Google’s nginx plugin ngx_pagespeed tested
Mon 22 April 2013
Arch Linux + Nginx + PHP-FPM + Wordpress